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Military Medicine

Military Medicine Super High Altitude

by Brigadier Yudhvir Suri


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Military Medicine Super High Altitude:

Medical Impact on Soldiers

The Indian Armed Forces have braved the Coldest Wars in the Himalayas since independence in a harsh but invisible environment experienced on the ground. Regimental medical officers follow the soldiers for their welfare and medical needs. This book highlights the glacier-high-altitude disease that
impacts the health of our soldiers.
Very little is known of military life on the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. New dimensions, critical care, vascular cold injuries, environmental medicine, and vascular thrombosis have been researched to benefit the future deployment of soldiers at forward glaciers and high altitudes beyond
16,000 ft-ASL Troops are deployed at the Karakoram ranges, at highly glaciated regions, on the highest battlefield, where soldiers deal with subhuman survival conditions, yet soldier on for the nation. Troops are deployed in non-habitable non-hospitable glaciated areas that are considered impossible for human activity. Impossible became possible with the Indian Armed Forces’ occupation and control of the Siachen Glacier in 1984- the highest, coldest battlefield in the world.
Foot soldiers, engineers, gunners, airforce pilots, and medical professionals have proved their professionalism, grit, and bravery to the nation. Those who have climbed the glacier-high-altitude, whether a general officer or a sepoy, have experiences to narrate to benefit the army and the common
man. These experiences are a rich source of research to benefit the soldiers.
The book is mandatory for military or adventure professionals, the curriculum training of military centres, training institutions, and medical colleges.

This is a unique book on terrain, high-altitude, military, operational, and medical challenges.  Gen. VP Malik, PVSM, AUSM

Geostrategically Siachen Glacier is virtually the roof of Eurasia and is surrounded by Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Afghanistan, USSR, China, and Tibet. Troops are fighting this battle on two fronts, the enemy and the non-enemy front. Air Marshal MS Boparai

Adverse extreme weather and high-altitude effects are not taught in the standard textbooks of medical curriculum………. Medical officers have to self-experience the strategy of Casualties management. Brig. K Suresh Murty

Do not be a Gama (name of a famous wrestler) in the lands of Lamas (a reference to the Himalayas) Liet. Gen. PJS Pannu

Awareness, Alttute, Attitude, Achieving treatment and affection are the matras of medical care at Glacier. Liet. Gen. NK Parmar

Hypoxia triggered hyper-coagulation leading to venous thrombosis at high altitudes. Screening at sea level will determine the predisposition of individuals to high altitude. Vitamins B-12, B-6 and folic acid are effective methods for reducing thrombotic events. Lieut. Gen. Velu Nair



Brigadier Yudhvir Suri, VSM, is a highly experienced medical professional with a a career spanning over fifty years. Throughout his thirty-five-year tenure in the Army Medical Corps, Brigadier Suri served soldiers during times of war and peace, steadily rising in rank from Captain to the esteemed position of Brigadier.

Brigadier Suri specialized in anaesthesiology and was a specialist in various large hospitals such as Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, and Chandi Mandir. His expertise extended to cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia and critical care at the Cardiothoracic Hospital in Pune. From 1990 to 1993, he was stationed at Base Hospital Srinagar-Kashmir, where he provided medical care to casualties during the period of militancy. In recognition of his exceptional service, the President of India honoured him with the Army Commanders Commendation and the Vishist Sewa Medal.

His assignment at Command Hospital Central Command Lucknow (1982-1984) facilitated his passion for research at the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, and he was awarded the Gold Medal – Rukmani Pandit award of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. Best research paper award of Director-General Armed Forces Medical Services and PhD Anaesthesiology by Pune University. Hence he attained the status of the highest qualified medical professional, particularly in the field of anaesthesiology in India. He has been a par excellence anaesthesiologist clinician, teacher, research worker and author of scientific research papers and books.

His passion for research and writing is the result of this book, Military Medicine Way of Life and Living at the Glacier, Himalayan Coldest War, High-altitude –Glacier Warfare, Siachen, Highest Battlefield in the World.


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