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Easy Practical Homoeopathy – selection of a remedy simplified

by Dr Shiv Dua


ISBN 9789385020186
Languages English
Pages 180
Cover Paperback

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Practical tips in homoeopathy

Easy Practical Homoeopathy is a book that can be used both by professionals and also by a layperson – it has numerous practical tips in homoeopathy

Easy Practical Homoeopathy – a selection of a remedy’ acts is a useful Homoeopathy book for those looking to use homeo remedies or homoeopathic remedies to solve health problems. The detailed solution to health issues both for a practitioner and for their patients. The book is simply written hence is useful for both a professional Homoeopath, student of Homoeopathy and the common man.
The author has deep knowledge of Homoeopathy and had over forty years of experience in solving health issues through Homoeopathy. He gives importance to careful examination, observation, and proof through repeated use and result.
This book details the following:
How doctors should handle patients and select the remedy. How can doctors prescribe medicine without seeing the patient? How can doctors conduct surgery without a knife, only through medicines? How to decide what is the right dosage for medicine? Practical tips in Homoeopathy.
The book goes on to describe the eleven golden rules, eight diamond tips, proper doses, relationship and primary action of medicines. The male/ female, and climate-wise remedies, and what is diet discipline?
When vitamins or tonics are needed and how to deal with infants and children? Homeo remedies for you.

About The Author

Dr. Shiv Dua has published many articles in Homoeopathy journals, articles published in newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika, Navjyoti and Dainik Bhaskar.
He has written twelve books on homeopathy and a novel, ‘Jungle Alone’. This is his thirteenth book on homeopathy. Many of his Homoeopathic Books have been translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.
He is an active member of Faridabad Doctor’s Association and South Delhi Homeopathic Association, New Delhi. He did M.A. in English, Honours in Hindi, D.I. Hom. (London) and HMD (UK)
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