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Dear Office, You Suck!

by Nitin Sharma


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ISBN 978-93-86407-01-6
Languages English
Pages 236
Cover Paperback
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Job: wrong job
Girl: wrong girl
Salary: wrong salary
Dreams: wrong dreams

Before getting a job, he had a life. He roamed about with his pals, watched birds, hit on the girl he loved, went to bed and woke up when and as he wanted.

After getting his first job, his world has turned upside down. Now he has a nagging boss, backstabbing colleagues, grumpy clients, a pitiable salary, overcrowded city roads, and a broken heart. But he is not hopeless! Times change fast; especially his.

Welcome to Vishesh Mehta’s life. Or, have I stolen the story of your own life?
Find out…

About the Author

Nitin Sharma, a dreamer by nature, an incorrigible foodie and avid reader by habit, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. Dear Office, You Suck!’ is his first novel, though he has also authored/co-authored five other books on academic subjects. He says his goal is to write unique stories to entertain the reader.


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