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Is That Love or Fantasy?

by Devi Raghuvanshi


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ISBN 978-93-87456-8-53
Languages English
Pages 124
Cover Paperback
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Varun loves Afreen and wants to marry her but due to differences in their religion, he cannot. Afreen gives in to pressure and gets married to a boy from her community but her husband does not treat her well. He does not even bother when their son is admitted to a hospital and dies. Afreen goes back home to her parents house and starts teaching in a college along with charity work. Varun is not aware of what has happened to Afreen till she retires from college.
Varun brings her to his house and takes care of everything including medication. When Afreen dies ,he follows all Hindu rituals and finally buries her in the Islamic tradition. After some time Varun also dies remembering Afreen and he is cremated by Afreen’s brother as per Hindu tradition.

This is the end of the story which has not died a natural death but has been killed by customs of fanatics from both Islamic community and hard line Hinduism.

About the Author
DEVI RAGHUVANSHI was born in Mathura, INDIA, the birth place of Lord Krishna and completed his Engineering Degree (B.E.) in Electrical Engineering. After working with big corporates for 40 years, he ventured into a writing career. This is his ninth book, a supreme sacrifice of love and relationship. His first book was “LOVE ON VENTILATOR”, second book “LOVE TRIOLOGY, WHO TO COMPLAIN”, third book “IT’S OK TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN”, fourth book “THE SON ROSE FROM THE WEST”, fifth book “MOHINI THE TIGRESS”, sixth book “LOVE LOST IN TRANSIT”, seventh book
“INDU THE PARCHED WOMAN” and eighth book “MOTHER VS SURROGATE (A Tale of Two Mothers)” have already been published.
DEVI RAGHUVANSHI lives in MUMBAI and he follows Sports as he himself has been a state level athlete.


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