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I failed to Read Her Heart

by Sushant Sunita Verma


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ISBN 978-93-86407-38-2
Languages English
Pages 334
Cover Paperback
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Dev enters the most prestigious Intermediate school in town with hormones raging. On the very first day he spots the girl of his dreams. Bus, he knows he is set for the next two years and life in school is going to be one big roll. All he needs to do now, is to strike a friendship with her and worm his way into her heart. He quickly befriends her and their relationship seems to be moving forward beautifully. To Dev, it seems he is living in paradise and there is nothing that can come in the way.  He picturizes spending the rest of his life with her. But this heaven does not last for long.

What goes wrong? Is Dev in for a shock?  Can Dev put things right?

Read to find out….

About the Author

Sushant Verma currently lives in Ghaziabad, far from his home hometown Banaras. He is obsessed with Cricket and Gymming. Study isn’t his cup of tea. He loves to be a back bencher. Some says he is emotional. Some says he is not good with dealing with life’s complexities.But they acknowledge that he is good at heart. I love this World and love penning about the incidents that happen in it.


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