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My Imperfect Dream

by Vaibhav Thakur


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ISBN 978-93-87456-34-1
Languages English
Pages 186
Cover Paperback
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Armaan has left his hometown Manali in order to prepare for the Pre-Medical Entrance Test (PMT) in Chandigarh. Little does he know that he would be forging an ever-lasting friendship with a pair of guys there who are also preparing for the PMT—Rajat and Vikas.

All three of them have their lives running smoothly till one day Armaan discloses his past. Caught between the struggles of cracking the medical entrance exam and dealing with a mysterious and heart-breaking past that seems to be on the brink of jeopardising his future, Armaan is torn between different directions! As the days pass, his desire to resist the temptations of his past becomes uncontrollable. But he can barely fathom the consequences his impetuous yearning for his past may bring!

What is his mysterious past? Will he be able to overcome it?
What will happen when his past endangers his present?
What if a sudden encounter with someone changes his life forever?
Will he crack the entrance test? Will he be able to fulfil his dream to become a doctor?

MY IMPERFECT DREAM is the bitter-sweet story of campus relationships, of overbearing studies and overwhelming love and a dearly loved dream that is just short of attaining perfection!

About the Author

Doctor by profession, Vaibhav Singh Thakur was born and brought up in Rampur Bushahr, a small town in Himachal Pradesh. He is currently pursuing MBBS (internship) from Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla. Apart from being a voracious reader and writer, he loves traveling, cycling, and trekking.
‘My Imperfect Dream’ is his debut novel.

You can contact him at or visit on

2 reviews for My Imperfect Dream

  1. Urvashi

    My imperfect dream is so perfectly written.

    The story is written in such a beautiful way, I was totally involved in the story as it feels like it’s so real. You just cannot stop thinking what’s next in store as the story unfolds. A story of love and dreams.
    Great work.
    Must read.

  2. Zorba Books

    Hi Urvashi
    We are happy you loved the book, we hope with the help of readers like you will be able to spread the word

  3. Gandharav

    Being a medical aspirant and now a medical student, after reading it I could actually acknowledge some beautiful parts of my own life which i missed to look back! Some exceptional level of storytelling. Suspense, emotions and struggles! Can’t get better!!!

  4. Zorba Books

    Dear Gandharav
    We are glad you couls relate to and enjoy the book. We hope you will share your views on social media too so others can be exposed to the book too.

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