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They Lived Loved and Conquered

by A.M. J


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ISBN 9789385020469
Languages English
Pages 384
Cover Paperback
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It is a story of four generation of a fun loving family. As they wade through danger and conquer perils with charm, wit and courage, that leaves one spell bound. If Ursula was the end word on beauty, charm and grace of a lost world, Jennifer and Penelope represented the bright, independant women with a mind of their own and everlasting beauty. But it was the indomitable spirit of the two cousins, the  extraordinary Avenia and lovable Palmella, two women, brilliant in their own field, who are daring and battle to succeed right to the last page of the book.
        Would they have reached the pinnacle of success if John had not extended a supporting hand? If Jack, with his brains and wit had not shouldered their burden and responsibility from a very early age?
         The tale of the ethereal and angelic Jean, and the adventures of her daughter, the incomparable Darell, her son, the dashing Dan, leaves  one spell bound and gasping for more and more. Read on…
     About The Author   

The author is a retired researcher and associate  professor. She has bagged several research scholarships (from ICAR, UGC.) After completing her Ph.D., she had continued with post-doctoral research in Plant physiology and Biochemistry, at the molecular level, and has several papers published in national and international journals. This is her first attempt at writing a romantic fiction.

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