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collection of poems

A Voice of the Universe

by Prof(Dr.) Shardendu Prasad Sinha


ISBN 978-93-90011-02-5
Languages English
Pages 222
Cover Paperback


A collection of poems by Prof Sinha

A Voice Of The Universe is a collection of poems, which, in fact, is a voice of wisdom, composed, after I retired from the University Dept. Of English, Tilkamamanjhi Bhagalpur University on 31st January 2016. The poems are based on the immediate experience as well as experiences gathered in ‘recollected tranquillity’.
It is a collection of fifty-six poems. I invite each of the sensitive readers to read the poems and come forward with his or her esteemed opinion. The interest of the readers shall mean a lot to me as well as my poems. I am trying to introduce collection of poems, in short, so far as the gist and spirit of the poems are concerned. The styles themselves have to convey their own typical ways of expression which may also compel the sensitive readers to go into the speculation in order to reach the layers of meanings which may be related to human weaknesses,failings, and depravity. The details of each poem have been given in short in the preface.
This I am doing, of course, on the demand of a section of readers as some found it hard to understand the use of symbols and images in the poems.
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