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Straight From My Heart

by Kahaan Khaitan


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ISBN 9879385020384
Languages English
Pages 54
Cover Paperback
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In this fast moving world, we all run around as nomads in a quest for a good life. Quest may be different for different people. Some may search for peace, some for satisfaction and others for happiness. In our search, some of us try to find it by running behind riches, some find solace in power while others look for it through spirituality.

Through this book I have tried to explore and bring out the treasures that give me contentment – the love of relationships, the beauty of varied emotions and this gift of god called life. I would like to welcome you to my world, and to my book. Hope you enjoy reading each poem in the same manner in which I enjoyed writing them.

About the Author

Kahaan Khaitan is from the capital of India, New Delhi. He finished his schooling from St. Columba’s School. He further went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Babson College, Boston. During his college days Kahaan played an active part in theater troupe of his college which led him to act in umpteen number of plays. His passion for writing poetry developed after moving back to India and his inspiration stems from his own relationships and the plethora of emotions we go through in everyday life. Presently he is working for his family business and has started ‘House of Hope’ a humanitarian project which helps to develop and nurture underprivileged children. Kahaan is a compassionate individual who wants to spread love, happiness and positivity through his poems.

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