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English poetry book

I Am The Universe

by Pallavi Varma


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ISBN 9789395217781
Languages English
Pages 114
Cover Paperback
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I am the Universe

English Poetry Book

I am the Universe; is a captivating English poetry book that ignites introspection and self-discovery. Through the author’s lyrical style and evocative imagery, the collection intertwines the individual with the cosmos, delving into timeless themes of love, hope, resilience, faith, and devotion. Through each poem, the author unveils the profound beauty and intricate layers of the human experience.


Raised among the giants of science and medicine and having made a career as a business management professional herself, Pallavi found an unexpected
confidant in art. Born in Gaya, Bihar, a city steeped in enlightenment and salvation, she was shaped by devotion and a belief in divine interventions. The
decades spent living in various cities across the country enriched her with a treasure trove of experiences and a deep understanding of intricate human emotions.
When not immersed in work or writing, she can be found curled beside Lucy, the center of her world. This marks Pallavi’s debut book, a testament to her
journey and unwavering spirit.

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