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For Her

For Her

by Pawan Kaushal


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ISBN 978-93-95217-98-9
Languages English
Pages 112
Cover Paperback
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For Her is a book of 42 heartfelt poems that captures the Feelings of Love, Romance, Heartbreak and Hope. The poems tell a captivating true story about two people from different parts of the world who meet on a beautiful island. Even though they know their time together will be short, they can’t resist falling for each other. Knowing they must say goodbye and leave the island, they carry the memories of their time together in their hearts forever. The poems in For Her use beautiful words to express passion, longing, and deep emotions. Poems take readers into a world of romance where the fragility of love is celebrated and the beauty of connections is cherished. This wonderful collection of poems shows how love can endure even in the face of heartbreak. It’s a reminder of the strength of those brave enough to love, even when they know it might not last forever.

About The Author

Pawan Kaushal is a Theatre artist who starts his journey in the Fitness industry. Pawan followed his passion for fitness and became a part of the fitness industry alongside his work in theatre. He explores his creativity by writing short films and movie scripts also. As Pawan’s artistic journey progressed, he discovered a newfound love for poetry. He began writing poems that express his emotions and experiences.

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