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The Moody Tales

The Moody Tales



ISBN 9789395217019
Languages English
Pages 104
Cover Paperback


The Moody Tales

The Moody Tales is a collection of 44 poems which gives you a sneak-peak to my world, my experiences. As the name suggests it is a collection of every feeling, every mood that we as an individual experience in our daily life. It consists of tales of love and separation, of desires and finding oneself, the story of eternal love and knowing what life is and the meaning of death too. This book shares journey of every individual who are in search of there own self. This book shares the tales of all shades of an individual i.e, a child, a lover, an ardent who forgets to love him/herself.
I extend my sincere thanks to Zorba Books and their team for their love and support throughout the publishing of my first poetry book.


About the Author

Sneha Shruti holds an MBA degree from a renowned college of India. She lives in Delhi and loves interacting with people and knowing them. What can be better than sharing ideas and thoughts via writings. Her writings are a way of connecting with people and her individual self. Along with a passion for work and growth, she always had a keen towards writings. Optimistic in her approach, she finds the world to be grey rather than dividing it into black and white. She believes
that no person is good or bad but is the result of their experience.

She can be contacted at /

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  1. Shambhu sharma

    Nicely written. Highly recommend

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