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Poems by Rizwana Sulatana

The Mystical World

by Rizwana Sultana


ISBN 978-93-87456-56-3
Languages English
Pages 108
Cover Paperback


This is a small world, and nothing seems amazing until one realizes its value. This book contains poems that describe the mystical nature of this world. We realize this mysticism only when we move from an artificial life to a natural one. We can appreciate even the tiniest atom if we realize and understand its merit within the working of this huge cosmos. From the smallest particle to the largest mountains, everything has a secret hidden, which we fail to
pay attention to.

This book of poetry narrates how extraordinary nature is, as we continue to explore its neverending
mysteries. The book not only explains the beauty of nature but also talks about how to tackle and adjust with different aspects of life.

About the Poet

I was born and brought up in the University of West Bengal, where my father was a senior medical officer. Since I was born amidst nature, I have great love for nature right from my childhood. Whenever I go for morning walks, I admire the flowers, trees, plants and other natural gifts. I was fascinated by nature and hence wanted to praise it in my poems. From the age of 13, I started composing poems.

1 review for The Mystical World

  1. Srinivasa Reddy Neelapu

    You inspired the younger generation with your poetic work. Congratulations!!!

  2. Zorba Books

    Thank you

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