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The Silent Whisper

by Garry James


ISBN 9789358968750
Languages English
Pages 61
Cover Paperback


The Silent Whisper

Where the truth speaks where the sound of truth is loud it can be heard only by you ‘cause, you are listening
An anthology of poems by Garry James. The author through his poems highlights the often unnoticed part of our daily life. He speaks about love, relationship, nature, social issues. The focus majorly being on simplicity of life which often is hidden, deep and more painful but goes unnoticed, as the saying goes “We often miss what is obvious”.

About the Author

Garry James, based in Mumbai, India is a writer, poet and an author, who loves to write fiction and non-fiction on different genres focusing majorly on inspiration, love, relationship, nature, social issues. Writing started at an early age but with very few opportunities & scope to present them the passion took a back seat. But, writing really never stopped for him. Today he is a professioal from hospitality, tourism & amp; real estate industry, a professional content writer, copywriter, writing blogs, articles, newsletter for business enterprise.


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