by Suprio Ghosh


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A collection of easy to read understand, book of inspirational poetry on India that you can enjoy, mull over, reflecting the everyday reality and solutions.
Not long ago, it took blood, sweat, tears & countless sacrifices to achieve freedom enabling us to manage our own affairs. But, haphazard planning, gross mismanagement, lack of genuine accountability, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, lack of a uniform education system, bending rules, and the bribing, have become a part of our everyday reality. This is endured silently by the faceless millions and are slowly & steadily becoming the accepted norm. Introspection without justifications and the ability to swallow one’s pride and pretentions can help one comprehend our reality of today, and also realize that it is possible to cure our present state of affairs.
Here is a sample of book of inspirational poetry

Garbage bins are not maintained
With litter, scattered all around
Civic sense we seem to have lost
Because most, to it, are blind.

We must re-educate our people
The only way to achieve our goal
We must do it ourselves
Our efforts are required, not dole.

Will we remain as one?
To rebuild and fix our land
And maintain what we rebuild
To be proud of where we stand.

Supriyo’s earlier book.

About the Author

Suprio Ghosh is a poet, a songwriter, a cartoonist and a short story writer. He identifies himself as a common man and a realist who is a citizen of the ‘Global village’. Having travelled extensively through various lands and mingled with various cultures, social norms and habits he has realized that perfection exists as also a chaotic state of affairs in many lands with different faces.
Being an Indian he feels obliged to convey to his fellow Indians a realistic perspective of the state of affairs the nation is passing through at this point of time.
He also wants to convey to them while citing various examples that perfection exists and is achievable not only in small and large parts of India, but overall, in every nook & corner of the nation.
Ghosh is the author of “How To Stop Wars???” and “Unity In Diversity Can Save Our World” which are available at the Amazon Kindle store. His book “Terror In Our Midst” published by Zorba Books, is also available at the Amazon store as well as the Zorba Books Store.

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  1. Blaeshwar Purohit

    Inspirational and exceptionally good poetry, relevant to the needs of today.Truly worth reading and should be included in educational curriculums.

  2. Zorba Books


    We agree with you. Poetry is inspirational

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