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by Ashwini Kumar Aggarwal


ISBN 978-93-86407-05-4
Languages English, Sanskrit
Pages 246
Cover Paperback


Rudra Puja has been practised in India since the beginning of time. Rudra is a synonym for Shiva that means ‘Destroyer of Evil’. Puja means that which is born of fullness. The Vedic scriptures hail the Rudram chants as a method to remove sufferings, attain desires and bestow all round prosperity.

This book presents the complete Rudra Puja Abhisheka procedure in Sanskrit using clear Devanagari font. Headings are given in English for the reader to follow the text correctly.

The Rudram Verses for NORTH INDIAN Shukla Yajur Veda as well as for SOUTH INDIAN Krishna Yajur Veda are both given in separate sections with correct Vedic Accents. Additionally, the Devanagari Latin Transliteration is given for the South Indian version.

A copious Appendix gives the Devanagari Alphabet, Pronunciation Key, and some famous Shiva Shlokas.

About the Author

Ashwini is with the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram based in Punjab. He loves to practise Yoga perform Homa and study Sanskrit.


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