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What is Hinduism

Understanding Hinduism

by Kandiah Sivaloganathan


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ISBN 9789390011551
Languages English
Pages 134
Cover Paperback
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This book attempts to provide answers to questions such as:

  •   Who is a Hindu?
    • What is Hinduism?
    • Why do Hindus pray to different deities?
    • What is the power of prayer and mantras?
    • What do Hindus mean by karma, creation and reincarnation?
    • How is Hinduism connected to nature and science?
    In today’s world, when everyone is too busy to read and understand their religion, this book provides a basic, simple reference to understand the fundamental concept of Hinduism as what is Hinduism? This book has been written in a very simple, readable language to arouse the readers’ interest in spirituality, regardless of their age.

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About the Author

Kandiah Sivaloganathan hails from a traditional Hindu family from the village of Suthumali, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He completed his early education in Sri Lanka, at Manipay Hindu College, Jaffna, and at St Benedict’s College, Colombo. He graduated in Engineering with honours from the University of Ceylon,
Sri Lanka. Thereafter, Mr Sivaloganathan obtained his Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
He still holds the membership of the Institution of Engineers, London, UK and Hong Kong. Mr Sivaloganathan has travelled extensively and has worked both as an engineer and a consultant in Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia. He has authored several technical papers in
civil and geotechnical engineering, and a book titled – ‘A Brief Introduction to Hinduism’.


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