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Create Your Disneyland

by Alisha P.B


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ISBN 9789390640034
Languages English
Pages 78
Cover Paperback
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Create Your Disneyland

Live life the Way You Want

Childhood is a difficult and challenging time for everyone. It’s full of excitement and new adventures, but there are also uncertainties, doubts and worries. It is not easy to deal with academic pressure, while also navigating complex relationships with friends and family. There is a common misconception that children can’t be stressed. This is a self help book for children
Children lead eventful lives, and it’s no wonder they are often confused about the many changes they have to continuously face. They often react to internal and external pressure by throwing tantrums, refusing to study, or misbehaving at home and school. Mindfulness, visualisation, meditation, and yoga can help children deal with stress before it becomes overbearing and wearisome. This self help book for children sets out practical ways in which children can learn to deal with their emotions constructively and productively. It offers easy exercises along with captivating stories that will help you attain your goals, while being content and relaxed. Being happy and healthy is not a matter of luck, but habit and practice!

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  1. Pihu

    A beautiful and simple explanation of ‘the Secret’.. easy recipes for healthy and happy life.. a good read.. go for it..😊👍🏻

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