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The Journey Within

by Dr. Shaifali Gupta


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ISBN 978-93-90011-23-0
Languages English
Pages 94
Cover Paperback
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A novel and a self development book

Isha leads a fairly regular and complacent life until she suddenly loses her sister to an accident. The trauma makes her reconsider everything she knows as the walls of certainty crumble around her. She begins to questions the value of everything around her including her goals and desires. This leads her to a beautiful journey of self-exploration. The sudden changes in her life are difficult and challenging but this only makes her delve deeper into the mysteries of life in order to understand herself and her purpose better. She discovers more than she had expected as the Truth slowly begins to unfold in front of her. She encounters many different situations that test her and make her think differently about questions of love, life, and meaning. Join Isha on a compelling spiritual quest and find yourself anew with this self development book.
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About the Author
Dr Shaifali Gupta is a pathologist, heading clinical and research labs at Cliantha Research Limited at Ahmedabad. She did her MBBS from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai and MD, Pathology from Smt. NHL Medical College and VS Hospital, Ahmedabad.

She has been inspired by Richard Bach, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and most importantly, Sai Baba. Though always inclined, she expressed her spiritual thoughts through art from 2012, when she started finger painting using oil on canvas. Over the years, she has experimented with acrylic and other mediums in her work for creative expression.

She stays at Ahmedabad with her husband Dr Amit Gupta, a well-established pediatrician, and son Ansh Gupta, currently a student at Boston University, USA.

2 reviews for The Journey Within

  1. Virendra Kumar Tangri

    I have been interested in spirituality for quite some time. Couple of decades back, I got hold of a book by “Jidu Krishnamurthy “. After going through a few chapters, I realised that I was orbiting in a wide band and therefore gave up reading further. However, going through the book of Dr. Shaifali Gupta was a different experience. The style of writing is simple and smooth and I could go through it with ease. I was particularly impressed by the use of italics for conversation with the God.
    This is an excellent book for even the uninitiated.

  2. Zorba Books

    Thank you sir, for your honest and heartfelt feedback. Do share this feedback with all your contact so there may benefit from reading the book too

  3. SK

    Great book, particularly important to read when there is so much anxiety and uneasiness going around currently in the world. Sometimes chaos occurs inside us and may not have to do anything outside. It affects not only physical and emotional health of one self but also people around us who love us. In this book, Isha, through her spiritual journey discovers a different way of understanding the world inside and outside her.
    Good job Shaifali! Keep writing

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