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The Vertical Path by Tamanna C

by Tamanna C


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ISBN 9789390011575
Languages Hindi
Pages 122
Cover Paperback
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The Vertical Path penned by celebrity life-coach, Tamanna C

Life can be complicated. It can be overwhelming and devastating. But it can also be beautiful and joyous. So much depends on our outlook and ability to embrace our experiences as lessons.

The insightful lessons in this book will help the readers to accept the challenges they face with grace and dignity. Along with simplifying complex metaphysical concepts, the author has also provided easy-to-follow practical guidelines that will be beneficial for everyone, regardless of how far along they are on the spiritual path. Come along on this journey where you will fall in love with the path and not the destination!

There are some answers which you can only find through spirituality and Tamanna really helped me in my tough times in finding those answers. Her approach is very simple and not something which is difficult to follow.

Raj Kumar Rao, National Award-winning Actor.

Tamanna connected me with the invisible universal energies whose absence were perhaps blocking my potential. She is a spiritual link to the amazing secrets and messages hidden in the cosmos to transform our everyday lives.

Hansel Mehta, National Award-winning director

As a leadership coach, I have always felt that there is a missing element that is needed to make leadership more human yet transformational. I have been tempted often to believe that this missing link is spirituality. But before Tamanna, I had never come across an interpretation of spirituality that was
practical, believable and yet transformational.

Viral Kalra, Executive Coach

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About the Author

Tamanna is a natural healer and clairvoyant, she reads the details of an individual soul’s blueprint, and is able to provide increased awareness about their physical & mental dimensions. This helps them recognize underlying sub-conscious blocks and fears that might be affecting their personal and professional life. The next step is healing them gracefully, which helps release the toxins and blocks from the different layers.

She has won two awards for her service in healing as Woman’s Entrepreneur Award, Best citizen Award and Best Lightworker in field of Angel Therapy and Psychic Healing. She has also worked with renowned magazines such as Vogue, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Masala UAE, GQ for their Horoscope on daily and monthly basis and wellness column.

She conducts private sessions and group workshops in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and also travels extensively to consult with clients in Dubai, London, Bangkok, Singapore and Turkey, for which she travels to meet people on monthly basis.


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