Easiest way to improve my writings appeal

If your writing skills are rusty or not up to the mark, attend writing workshops to hone your writing skills

Once you have decided on writing and are clear on the topic. You need to schedule a time that you will devote regularly to it. Stick to the time you have decided.

Fix a place that is quite and free from distractions.

Before writing analyse the kind of people that are going to read your book/ target reader, keep them in mind while writing – ask yourself the questions:

  1. Use the words and phrases that they often use in there communication.
  2. Words and phrases that they are familiar with and can understand.
  3. What kind of activity are they interested in?
  4. What are their concerns, worries or interests?

This helps the target reader identify with your book.

Research your topic that you are going to write on. This widens your perspective and you get many more ideas.

Make a draft or outline of your story or manuscript.

Join writers groups.  Once you are on the right track, there may come a time, when you find no matter how hard you try, your creative juices are just not flowing. Donot despair, all authors face the writers block.  There are simple ways to get rid of the same.