How do i sell my Book in the International Markets?

Once you have written a book, you would like to get it published or publish it your self. The next aspect you would want to look at is book distribution. For most authors it is important is for their book to sell their books in international markets. Though not easy, it can be done with some effort. It is true that there is a growing market for print and ebooks globally. The following opportunities exist:
• Distributing English-language work in markets where English is a second language

If books are distributed through the major online distribution services then the authors should give the distribution service permission to make their work available for sale in other countries for which they hold the rights. However, though the book will show up in the target country’s online site, marketing and awareness generating activities have to be carried out in the target country to promote sales.

• Selling rights to a foreign publisher directly or using an agent

This option is time-consuming and becomes challenging for the average author, especially without an agent’s services.

• Translating English-language work and distributing directly to foreign countries

Getting translations done requires significant money and therefore the decision to make the investment should be made after weighing the risk and the return.

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