Easiest way to improve my writing

How to Improve your Writing?

Many of us love to write, blogs, simple posts, longer articles and even books. Writing, psychologists tell us, is theraputic, with many benefits for the writer. However if your are planning to take up writing seriously then it is important that  you invest time, planning and polishing your writing skill.

It is necessary to understand why you need to invest your time on Improving your writing skill. The reason, we write is to be understood and so that the reader can enjoy/benefit from our writing and ideally should end up saying “dil maange more” for your articles or book. For this to happen you will need to improve your writing skill.

Next question then will be how can you improve your writing?

  • Start off by attending writing workshops in your town. They will be able to help you by pointing out how to improve and where improvent is needed.
  • Once you have decided to write and are clear on the topic. You need to schedule a time that you will devote regularly to it. Stick to the time you have decided.
  • Fix a place that is quite and free from distractions.

Once you have improved your writing skill, decided on a topic, you will  need to conduct on few points.

Following Points to Analyse Before Writing

Before writing analyse the kind of people that are going to read your book/ target reader, keep them in mind while writing – ask yourself the questions:

  1. Use the words and phrases that they often use in their communication.
  2. Words and phrases that they are familiar with and can understand.
  3. What kind of activity are they interested in?
  4. What are their concerns, worries or interests?

This helps the target reader identify with your book. Once that is achieved you are on the right track.

Research your topic that you are going to write on. This widens your perspective and you get many more ideas.

Make a draft or outline of your story or manuscript.

Join writers groups.

If you are writing a book, once completed you should follow it up with a round of professional editing.