Why should I self-publish?


 Why self-publish your book?

Whether it’s a well known person, young person or old,  getting a book published in his/her name is a natural desire. Most well-known personalities have a book published under their names. It is prestigious.

Have you written lots of emails and made lots of calls to publishing agents and traditional publishers with few even caring to reply? A point comes when you cannot wait any longer. Many of you will decide to take things into your own hands and not wait for the elusive book deal.

When  an author is ready with a manuscript, he/she becomes desperate to get the novel published. Waiting even for a day becomes arduous. But, finding a publisher can take a long time. Sometimes when the waiting period gets too long you want to look for an alternative. Till now there were none, but not any longer.

To cut short the frustrating waiting period, self-publishing a book/expert publishing has gained momentum.  It is the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry.

For aspiring/first-time authors, self-publishing a book has many plus points:

Self-publish a book to get your voice heard

The book is written but for it to benefit people, it has to be published and read. If readers cannot get to read it because no traditional publisher steps forward to publish it, it is as good as dead. Your labour of love has gone down the drain.

Here is a video of a self-published author talking about the benefits of self-publishing.

Pay-offs can be huge

There are few downsides to self-publishing, but there is a possibility of a huge pay-off. The first step after zeroing in on self-publishing, you need to get in touch with a self-publisher who has excellent testimonials and get the process going. It is possible to have a published book in your hands without any pain in 4-5 weeks.

Be the master of your book

A traditional publisher has a set idea of what a book should contain and therefore an author is forced to add/make changes just to meet the set formula. A major benefit of self-publishing is that you will have the full freedom to write exactly what you want to write and how.

Earn up 100% royalties on net profit.

Traditional publishers are really economical with royalties. In self-publishing, it is possible to earn as much as 80-90%! You would certainly want to be in the driver’s seat as far as your book is concerned.

Self-publish a book quickly

A traditional publishing process is painfully inefficient, not least because the author never really knows what is going on at ANY stage. And if there is an agent involved, the process is even more out of your control. You would like your book to be in your reader’s hand within a month. No one is interested in waiting for months or years on end, never knowing when the book will be in the market.

Be involved at every stage of self-publishing a book

There is nothing more deeply satisfying than being involved in the entire process of converting a manuscript into a perfect book. As an author, you are kept abreast of all steps, including designing the cover and the “look” of the book, the formatting of the contents and marketing and launch of the book. You can share your feedback at all stages and see them implemented quickly.

  • You can be based anywhere in India. In large cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai. Even if you are based in the smallest of villages, you can now self-publishing a book. You can be based anywhere worldwide and can publish a book. All you need is an internet connection and a courier service to receive your books!
  • All well-known personalities in India or abroad have a book to their credit, be it the PM of India, or Bill Gates. There is a certain prestige attached to becoming an author.  Hence increasingly it’s becoming a life necessity if you are looking to move up in life. It doesn’t matter what genre, it could be a non-fiction book in the area of your specialisation or a fiction book.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8TTG2lOq9M&t=5s

Currently, several companies are offering self-publishing services. There is no dearth of options. You may take the free publishing or paid publishing option.

Expert publishing a book in India is now a viable option for first-time-authors, new authors and established authors. Authors often face extreme difficulty in finding a publisher to publish his or her work. With growing literacy, the number of people who would like to express their creativity or share their knowledge has grown exponentially. A voice for all authors is needed. Self-publishing is one such voice.

I hope these reasons answer the question, ‘Why self-publish a book?’