Promoting a book is a complex mix of activities, requiring knowledge and experience. The aim of every author is to:

“Let people know that their book is published.”

“What their book is about?”

“Why should a reader buy their book?”

“Where the book is available?”

“What is your aim in marketing a book?”

Here are some tools  to help in marketing your book. One that will help you the author achieve the above objectives and more.

Packages for Marketing a Book

Starter Marketing Package

We will design and print the following based on your book genre:

  • Targetted Bookmarks 100
  • Designed Business cards 200
  • Sample book/product booklet 50

Rs. 6,000/-plus taxes

Premium Book Marketing Package

    • A dynamic, responsive, 5 page website, one year hosting and a free domain name, hosting and 1 year maintenance.
    • Promo video 30 – 40 seconds video. A teaser video will be created using stock images and shared on top video sharing site.

For type of video teasers please visit our You Tube Page

Rs. 28,900/- plus taxes

Nirvana Book Marketing Package

  • Organize a book launch in NCR region
  • Promo Video – 30 – 40 seconds, a teaser video will be created using stock images and shared on top video sharing site.
  • Setting up a 4 page responsive and dynamic website with one year hosting
  • Creating and publishing online press release

Rs. 1,25,000/- plus taxes

On the Go Marketing

The largest book-sellers today are Amazon and Flipkart. It makes perfect sense for your book to show up where the buyers are. A great promotion technique will be to promote your book on these portals. We will design and run campaigns on either of the portals, to promote your book.

  • Market your book on Amazon for 2 months, or
  • To promote your book on Flipkart for 2 months

Rs. 12,000/- plus taxes

PR Package

It is important to reach a large audience for your book. Only when the book is exposed to a large number of people can we create an awareness of our books existence. One way to achieve the same would be to increase the chance of

  • Your book getting a review in India’s leading newspaper.
  • Grabbing the attention of journalist and the reader

That’s where Zorba Books, the publisher comes in.

  • Our marketing experts will analyse the unique proposition that the book has to offer and the reader it targets. On the basis of which we create targetted press release.
  • Create online press release, with a two fold aim, target the books unique reader and be impressive and comprehensive so it is noticed by numerous journalists scouring press releases.
  • Release the press release on major online press release sites, from where it will be picked up by different news agencies and journalists.
  • The aim will be to give the book the best chance to get noticed by journalist and our target reader.

Rs. 29,900 plus taxes

Setting up Social Media Pages

How to market a book on social media? Social media has become an integral part of the book consuming audience and a tool to promote a book. Can we choose to ignore such an important marketing element in our book promotion? Our marketing expert will target the following social media for you – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Create a profile for you, on 3 social media platforms.
  • We will set up the social media page for you on all 3.
  • Will create attractive banners for the 3 social media pages.
  • We will start you off with 2 posts for each platform

Rs. 3,900, plus taxes

Facebook Set-up and Marketing

How to market a book on social media? How can I reach a large audience, an audience who is interested in my book? Facebook ads are a great way of reaching that audience. Facebook campaign are proving to be indispensable in reaching out to the target audience. Depending upon your book, we will create and implement a Facebook marketing plan that effectively reaches and conveys the intended message to the targeted reader.

In this campaign we will:

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Create a Facebook profile and Facebook page for you.
  • Design the banner for your Facebook page.
  • Develop a series of effective postings.
  • Run and maintain paid advertisement for one month.
  • Give you fortnightly updates on the same.
  • Rs. 7,000 worth of paid advertising on Facebook.

Price: Rs.19 900 plus taxes for the first month. subsequently Rs 14,900 onwards.

Google Set-up and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google is the largest search engine, driving the heaviest human traffic! It’s a place which is being visited by potential readers. How do we capture their attention and let them know about our books availability? Advertisement on Google, which is designed to be visible and attractive to our target readers is the way forward.

In this campaign we will:

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Select the most appropriate key words.
  • Develop a series of effective advertisements for that audience targeted a different customer profiles.
  • Tweak the advertisements to improve effectiveness based on Google analytics.
  • Run and maintain the advertisement for one month.
  • Give you fortnightly updates on the same.
  • 10,000 worth of paid advertising on Google.

Price: Rs.29, 000 plus taxes

Book Review

If you wish to spread the word regarding release of your book and content of your book, get your book reviewed by professional book bloggers. Professional book bloggers have a large reader following, they will review your book and spread the word to their followers across social media. Some of the top book reviewers in India will review your book and create a buzz across social media.

4 Book Reviews by book bloggers – Rs. 8,900
10 Book Reviews by Book Bloggers – Rs. 19,900
Here are some helpful hints to market your book

Book Marketing Plan(SEM)

Today there are immense number of marketing choices available to an author. But many individuals are not aware of all marketing choices that are available and which ones will work well for their book.

Through our Marketing Plan we will

  • Design a marketing plan best suited to your particular needs
  • The plan will be designed to give you the best outcome.
  • Recommend marketing choices that are available for your particular book and reader base.
  • Pick those choices that will benefit your book the most, depending on your unique budget and specifications.
  • Guide you in the implementation of the plan.

Rs. 7,900 plus taxes

Book Launch

Many authors prefer to take the book launch route to marketing their book. We have an option for you to take.

No Nonsense Book Launch

This will include a book launch in a book store in NCR with maximum 25 people. This will include

  • Tea/coffee +cookies
  • All equipment to conduct a book launch, as a mike, chairs, table etc
  • Designed 3 invites.
  • 5 complimentary copies of your book (black & white)

For more details please contact us

Rs. 28,900 plus taxes onwards