10 Proven Steps to Successfully Publish Your Poems

1. Understanding Poetry Publishing Options

The options available to writers and poets looking to publish one poem or more will differ from those available to poets/writers looking to publish a compilation of poems as a book. First, let us take writers/poets looking to publish a poem.

How should I publish my poems?

Writers who want to Publish a Poem have many options open to them. The options open to them are:

Publish My Poetry book

You can improve your writing skills and publicise your creativity by entering your poetry in writing or poetry competitions and also win prizes. Some options are free; many have an entry fee. With journals, newspapers and magazines, the publisher will decide whether to accept your poem for publishing.

If your aim is to publish my poetry, look at websites dedicated to publishing. These sites serve as valuable platforms for authors and poets. Several publishing sites offer complementary services, allowing you to disseminate your prose or poetry at no cost. Such platforms allow writers to express themselves freely, post their creations, and reach an audience, all while adhering to the established publishing standards.

An anthology presents a unique avenue for poem publication. The primary challenge lies in assembling a group of poets who aspire to publish their work collectively. While this path is enticing, it requires significant time and coordination. However, the benefit is substantial: if successful, the promotional efforts are not shouldered by a single individual but by all contributing poets, amplifying the reach and impact of the anthology that features your poem.

Writers or poets looking to publish poetry books have three main options: Self-publishing, Traditional Publishing, and Hybrid publishing.

Under self-publishing, one has 2 options: free publishing or DIY publishing and Paid Publishing/Expert Publishing.

The hybrid option has elements of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. In this publishing, you will experience most of the benefits of traditional publishing, like extensive editing, manuscript improvements, and distribution through paid channels. Another upside is that there will be minimal chances of rejection. The downside will be the large payout expected from the writer.

Self-publishing:  When an author decides not to look for a traditional publisher to publish my book instead, he or she wants to be in the driving seat. He/she decides to do the publisher’s job all by themselves or entrust the same to a self-publishing company of their choice. The upside is there is no rejection; the author has complete ownership and control of the book and its rights, and the author earns higher royalty. The downside would be that one needs to make some payout to get the book published.

Traditional Publishing: when a publisher agrees to publish your book free of cost. They will invest their energies into editing, designing, formatting, etc., and your book at no cost to you. The biggest downside would be the several rejections you will face without any surety of your book seeing the light.

2. Preparing Your Manuscript: Tips on editing, formatting, and curating your poetry collection.

Before one can submit poetry for publishing, a poet will need to follow the following steps:

Curation: Curation of poetry involves a thoughtful process of selecting and organizing poems to create a meaningful and cohesive collection.

Editing: Editing poetry is crucial in refining your work and enhancing its impact.

Formatting: Formatting your poetry is a step in preparing it to send for publication.

: Publish My Poems

The publisher will carry out both editing and formatting of the manuscript. However, it is always wise to execute these steps to make your manuscript attractive to the publisher.

3. Submission Guidelines Researching and adhering to the submission requirements of publishers.

This step becomes even more important if you want to publish a poetry book with a traditional publisher. Research publishers’ submission requirements before writing to them. If your aim is to publish my poetry book, look for publishers that publish poetry. Remember that most traditional publishers publish only a specific genre of books, whereas self-publishing aims to publish books in all genres, including poetry books.

Publish a Poem

4. Marketing for your poetry strategies to promote your published work and build an audience.

Keep in mind that book promotion needs your participation. Whether you have published through traditional, self-publishing or any other mode of publishing, unless you market the book, the chances of the book being sold will be low, no matter how good the book is.

Publish My Poetry

How does one market a book?

The good news is that many avenues are open to you, both free, paid, and expensive. Let us look at some free options:

  1. Using as many social media as possible to amplify your message
  2. Sending emails to all contacts
  3. Various groups on WhatsApp

You can promote your message using a paid version if you want to reach a larger audience.

If the available funds are even larger, print advertising and channel advertising are other options one can consider.

5. How to run marketing campaigns?

To run a successful campaign, you will need to have detailed information regarding the following:

Where should I make the noise to market my book?

  • Social media sites 
  • You tube
  • Blogs
  • Newspaper (identify which ones you would like to post in)
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Cable
  • Festivals (college, school, city, cultural, any or all festivals anywhere etc.)
  • Place of work (as in company magazine, newsletter, notice board)
  • Place of stay

What kind of noises can I make to market my book?

  •  Start Talking
  • Tell Stories
  • Learn Sales
  • Eliminate Excuses

When should I start my marketing effort?

Begin your book promotion effort as early as possible. A good time to start is two to three months before the book is published. Mention the book to all those you meet with, and also post about it anywhere you can.

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