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A married life and a job for a woman means a life full of numerous professional and personal responsibilities. But if you have a passion for something, it pulsates inside you with every heartbeat.

Such was my life. Husband, family and a government job were sufficient to occupy all of my 24 hours. There was no time for hobbies in the beginning years of my marriage and career.

But…..drops of rain, beauty of a sunset, blooming flowers, earthy smell of rains, romantic songs….have always lured me away from the reality of life and transported me into a world of poetry and romance… both of which I loved to pen down, in my teenage years.

One day, my husband happened to read some of my writing, the ones I had written before marriage. He adored them and for the first time, I realized that other readers may like it too.

I began by sending some of my short fiction work to few magazines. Initially, the replies were disappointing. My work was rejected and I was disheartened. Whenever I picked a book off a shelf in a bookstore, I dreamt of my name being printed as the author of one such book. The rejections did dampen my spirits but I could not be kept down or long. Slowly some of my work started getting appreciation and got published. This was the boost I was looking for.

I began to write my real life experiences and linked them to make a story with few imaginary incidents. The novels I had read till then helped me to frame a story. This madness gripped me so much that I even started writing on my mobile everywhere and anywhere whenever I got even few free minutes….in the office…at family functions…at home…in social events….just everywhere. Soon my story took shape. In around two and a half years I wrote and rewrote The Soulmates, several times. Every time it had a different beginning and different climax. I was not a professional writer and hence I had no confidence to bring it in front of the world. I had no writer friend either. My husband and some close friends helped me publish my work.

It is not just a novel, but my dream…… not a story, but my life…. not just a book, but a promise to not to drop my pen again ever.

Today, people know me, not just as someone’s wife, someone’s daughter, not as a government officer…but as a writer who writes with emotion in the most real and simple form possible.

It is not to make money……but to express my inner self…and to connect with many hearts. To read more of my writings please go to…
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