Developing Characters in Your Book in 2 Simple Steps

Siddhi Khankal author of A Good Stranger


Okay, I had a fantastic story in my mind – a love story with a medical backdrop. I was rearing to go. The main character was clear in my mind – Meera, I knew there must be at least 2 more characters since this was to be a love triangle – Dr Arjun Gokhale and Dheeraj. But I had not thought of developing supporting characters – the crazy friend, the kid from the neighbor, the chacha-chachis, nana-nanis… It sure felt like one hell of a job!

The characters are the main ingredient in any novel and presenting them to the reader should be like giving TADKA to a DAAL. It makes the daal  tastier, that’s why we all love daal tadka, and that’s why your readers will love your book that much more.

Once I had the characters in place, I thought I was through but it was not so. To write an interesting book I also had to develop each person’s character or personality for which I had to think deeply about each character in my book. Should I make him boisterous or calm and collected, tall or short, handsome or ugly or someone in between, humorous or lacking in humour……. I tell you it wasn’t easy at first but once I started, it was almost addictive, I could create characters to populate my stories to suit my imagination. I knew who were the good guys even if they slipped now and then. I knew who were the bad guys even if they seemed good at times and then there were those who display little character of their own. This was fun, I made the good guys like what I liked but I made sure that the reader could identify each character as having a different personality. The reader should like a character in my book and would want to root for that character – Meera. I put in bad or grey characters to shake things up a little to keep the reader hooked.

Now my book is done and available at all online stores and from the looks of it the readers are loving the characters I created and the storyline I plotted. You can read a sample of my book A Good Stranger, in this link given:

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So what are you waiting for? Write down the all the characters in your diary first, get your laptop/PC, open Word and start typing your story.

Good luck with your writing!


-Siddhi Khankal

(Author of #AGoodStranger)

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