Should I write and what should I write?

The adage for writers: “I’m am a writer because I can’t not be a writer.”

When is it a good idea to write a book?

Writing is a good idea. It is what helps us piece together our history and helps us grow our knowledge and express our creativity., clarify our thinking. Then why the doubt? This doubt comes to the fore when one wants to write a book, a novel that is going to be presented to the public for reading. “Is my writing good enough for me to take this plunge?” Whether you should write a book or not or what topic you should write on is a personal choice. But it is also possible to examine this topic objectively. Use the following guidelines to conclude, whether you have or are willing to acquire the necessary skill, creativity and perseverance to write a book.

If you have got inputs from those around you that you have a flair for writing. These are some of the inputs that point you in that direction are:

  1. If you have received positive inputs about your posts, writeup and writing style.
  • If you have won a writing competition.
  • If your writing has been published in a magazine and elsewhere.
  • If you have received positive feedback and reactions for your posts/articles/writing.

Here are some videos that talk about why writing a book is a good idea.

Despite a booming career in poetry reading circuit, he chose to write a book too.
What possible impact writing a book can have on children
  1. Write a novel or book in any genre if you have a strong urge to express your creativity through writing.
  2. Write a book if you have an important discovery, invention or idea that you want to share with the world.
  3. If you have received positive inputs about your posts, writeups and writing style.

Once you have decided that you have a knack for writing a book or are ready to spend time and energy, improving your writing skills. Then comes the next question.

What should I write about?

First -time writers often face this dilemma before starting to pen a book. Their minds will be full of questions, like

  • What will be a good topic for writing a book?
  • On what topic will people enjoy reading a novel, should I write a romantic story, mythology or a mystery book?
  • Should I write fiction or nonfiction book?

Our advice to budding writers wanting to pen a book is:

Anushray talks about why he wrote his book.
  1. It would be best if you wrote about what you know or what you are prepared to spend considerable time and energy researching.
  2. It would be best if you wrote on topics that you are passionate about.
  3. It would help if you did not write on a particular topic only because someone else is writing on that topic.
  4. To write on a topic you love reading about. Because you have read so much on a topic means you have gathered some amount of insight and knowledge about the same. Say environmentally safe ways of producing energy, love stories, murder mysteries, children’s books.
  5. Just because a topic is chic or cool does not make it suitable for you to write a book on if the subject doesn’t interest you. However, if the topic interests you, you are privy to unique information on the topic, have a good handle on the topic, then go ahead.
  6. Making money from writing a book should not be your primary aim.

Once you have made up your mind to write and have the topic in place, the next step is to start writing. Some simple steps can get you started on your writing career. Points to keep in mind while writing a book.