Should I write and what should I write?

The adage for writers should be: “I’m am a writer because I can’t not be a writer.”

When is it a good idea to write?

Whether you should write or not or what topic you should write on, is a personal choice. But it is also possible to examine this topic objectively. Use the following guide and come to a conclusion whether writing is a good idea for you.

  1. If you have got inputs from those around you that you have a flair for writing.
  2. If you have the urge to express your creativity through writing.
  3. If you have an important discovery, invention or idea that you want to share with the World.

Then comes the next question

What should you write about?

  1. You should write about what you know.
  2. You should write about what you you are passionate.
  3. You should not write because someone else is writing.
  4. Don’t write because it is chic or cool to write.
  5. Because you want to make money from it.

Once you have made up your mind to write the next step is to start writing. Some simple steps can get you started on your writing career.