6 Easy Steps to Market a Book

“There are no magical wands, no hidden tricks and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success but with time, energy and determination you can get there.”

Darren Rowse

Here is expert advice on marketing a book

Consider these facts:

India is the third largest publisher of English books in the world! More than 90,000 new titles are published every year, in 24 languages. One fourth of which are in Hindi language and one fourth of those titles are in English language. What this means for an author is that no matter which language he writes in, he faces stiff competition. His book, no matter what the genre, is competing amongst 100 if not thousands of similar titles and he needs to make his book stand out, to be noticed and get the readers excited enough about his book to buy it.  So he needs to create awareness and excitement about his book, through marketing a book.

There are no one or two magical steps to marketing abook. You have to pick amongst the many, many, available that suit you and your book requirements.

Whether your book is published by a traditional publisher or self-published, marketing a book by you is a must. Especially if you are new and unknown. You have to make enough noise to stand out.

But there is a method to this madness, the noise should mainly be made where the audience for your book is.

If your book is on infant care then groups where you will find young mothers, pre-natal classes, doctors, clinics and outlets catering to the needs of the very young such as clothing or food outlets would be places and groups where you need to make a noise.

One ground rule is: You have to believe in your own book, believe in it passionately. If you can’t believe in it no one else will.

Assuming that the book content is useful, well written and professionally edited. To achieve the objective of creating awareness among the target audience and increasing sales.

I will outline a couple of simple steps that can be followed to market a book:

  1. Begin your marketing effort as early as possible. A mention of the book to all those you meet with and also post about it anywhere you can.
  2. Consider who your target audience is, make a list. Consider all factors about them, their age, interest, profession etc.
  3. Once you have your target audience and their brief profile, make a list of all the places where a post can be made on a regular basis:

Social media sites 


Newspaper (identify which ones you would like to post in)





Festivals (college, school, city, cultural, any or all festivals anywhere etc.)

Place of work (as in company magazine, newsletter, notice board)

Place of stay

  1. Once you have your list of places you would like to market your book in place decide on the posts that you are going to post in each site. Each post has to appeal to the target audience so tweak the post to suit the audience in each site. “No one shoe fits all”

Follow up the research with implementation for promoting the novel

1. Start Talking

Have as many conversations about your book with as many people as possible. Look for ways to engage and talk about what is interesting to that person and where your passions may align.

2. Keep Talking

Build on the relationship. You never know when that person could help you down the road.

3. Tell Stories

Whenever you are speaking to someone or making a presentation or attending a workshop or a book introduction, tell stories. Stories captivate a listener and take people beyond the pages of your book.

4. Learn Sales

Learn standard sales techniques to better market your books. “Get a good book on sales and follow it.”

5. Eliminate Excuses

Many authors use excuses like ‘I’m shy’ or ‘I can’t speak to people’ or ‘I can’t sell’ to avoid marketing, but those are crutches. You have to get out there and tell people about your book. In today’s society you have to be willing to put your ideas out there and argue and defend them.

6. Become Thick-Skinned

“Don’t let yourself be undermined by other people’s comments. Some people just live to put others down. The ability to take criticism is a challenge, but it’s an important skill for authors to possess.”

We will continue our discussion of marketing steps in our next blog and include stories and experiences too. So till then practice these and let us know how you implemented them and encountered successes.