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Autobiography of CU’s Worst Student

by Rathin Bhattacharjee


ISBN 9789358964035
Languages English
Cover Paperback


Autobiography of CU’s Worst Student

“The Autobiography of CU’s Worst Student” is a part of the life-story of RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE. After a brief insight into his childhood and adolescence, where he talks about his dread for the English Language, how his dread changed to some kind of fondness under the tutolage of his father, brother and a great teacher, who bore the same name as his father.

The author then goes on to tell us that he could never reconcile himself to the fact that despite the promise and potential he showed at school – how he turned out to be the Worst Student ( he was the only student out of 19, not to have secured the Honours marks) of MAC, Kolkata under the University of Calcutta (CU). He is lost not knowing what to do with his life at this critical juncture. Will he remain the black sheep of his family – jobless, hopeless, nothing better than a mere parasite on his siblings?  hile pursuing his Master’s from JU, RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE lands up with the job in the little-known, neighbouring country called BHUTAN.

RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE then goes on to tell us about his hardworking nature; the people like Mr. Shyamal Kumar Saha from Kokrajhar, Assam,who impacted his life greatly. Life could have been difficult for him if Mr. Saha had not taken RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE under his wings when he landed in the country way back in 1990. Next, through the autobiography RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE tells us about his first encounter with BHUTAN, a country known for its scenic beauty, peacefulness and for introducing the concept of GNH ( Gross National Happiness) to the world. Some of the Heads he is privileged and proud to have worked under including Mr. K.K.Thapa, Mr. Tashi Chenjur, Mr. Mindu Gyeltshen, Mr. Yesh Bahadu Ghalley, Mr. Namgay Wangchuk and so on.
BHUTAN gives a new meaning to his life and life is never going to be the same for him anymore. All his doubts, worries over, he dedicates himself wholeheartedly to making a difference in the lives of the students.
His hour of glory comes when he gets to meet His Majesty Jigme Singye Wanchuck, the fourth hereditary monarch of BHUTAN, someone he has admired and revered from the time he had set foot in the Himalayan Country, while working at Jakar High School. His hour of recognition comes when in 2018, after a teaching career spreading nearly 3 decades, he is awarded His Majesty’s Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement.
“The Autobiography of CU’s Worst Student” is therefore, mostly a short, gratitudinal novel by RATHIN BHATTACHARJEE expressing his love, gratefulness, admiration and reverence for The Happiness Country called BHUTAN.

About the Author

Brief Biographical Sketch of the Author

Rathin Bhattacharjee from Kolkata, India, graduated from the University of Kolkata. He joined BCSC (Bhutan Civil Service Commission) as an English Teacher in 1990. Awarded HM’s Gold Medal in 2018, he is presently the Principal of SXPS, Joypur, India.
His forte is writing Romance/Love Stories. He has been published in; Medium, StoryMirror; Story Cabinet; Monomousumi; Active Muse; World Pulse, Reedsy; FlashFictionNorth;Write Practice; StoryADay, Kuensel and a host of other Indian and international magazines as well.
His novel entitled, “The Damon in Doctor’s Disguise” on Web Novel has been much acclaimed.
He has won top honours including the latest certificates as the Best Fiction Writer on the topics “Celebrating Her” and “Friendship” from ZobraBooks. He loves writing, blogging, translating, podcasting and editing.


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