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Green Bonds

Green Bonds

by Pavnesh Kumar & Siddhartha Ghosh


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ISBN 9789393029713
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Pages 112
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Green Bonds

A Beginner’s Guide and an
Indian Perspective

Green Bonds are a relatively new form of financing that’s winning over banks and investors, as it offers increased financial returns, reduced risk, and opportunities for innovation. This book is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to learn more about the basics of Green Bonds.

The book presents the fundamentals of Green Bonds in a simple, lucid and easily understandable style. The book goes into detail of inception of ‘Sustainable Finance’ and thereafter the development of Green Bond as a Sustainable investment option. The world is expected to see more of Green bonds and other such sustainable financing options in the near future; since the pressure to work towards sustainability is gradually increasing by the
International bodies along with catastrophic effects of climate change already showing its effects globally.
The book comprehensively covers various topics like – types of Green bonds and its uses in varied sectors. It also details out the Green bond issuance in both Public as well as Private sector of India, along with explaining about green bond exchanges, various sustainable bond standards and the sustainable Bond issuing process. In the last few chapters, it also goes into detail of the Regulatory framework of Green Bond in India.

The book is especially meant for the students, Researchers, Industry experts and academicians involved in the field of commerce, economics and management.

About the Authors

Prof. Pavnesh Kumar, is currently working as a Professor and Dean at Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya School of Commerce and Management Sciences of the Mahatma Gandhi Central University in Bihar, India. He has over 18 years of experience in teaching and conducting research and is the author of numerous books and over 50 research publications. He is a life member of many society and professional organisations, including the Indian Accounting Association, the All India Association for Educational Research, and the Indian Commerce Association, to name a few. He has supervised two Ph.D. scholars and two M.Phil. scholars and has extensive experience in administrative positions such as director, member of the executive council, and chairman of the school board and chairman of the board of postgraduate and undergraduate studies. Additionally, he has attended
over 30 international and national seminars. Apart from his work as an Academician and Researcher, he is well-known for his prolific and eloquent speaking, and is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at conferences, webinars, and other literary events. He is currently indulged into research in the fields of international business and finance.

Mr. Siddhartha Ghosh He is a Ph.D. Research Scholar in Department of Management Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar and
has more than six years of corporate experience having worked in various positions in Academics, Bank, Marketing Research and Skill development. He has authored many articles in various digital mediums and has also written two research papers. His primary areas of interest are Sustainable Finance & International business.


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