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Hurun India Wealth Report

Hurun India Wealth Report 2020

by Hurun India

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The exponential rise in Indian billionaires is directly proportional to the entrepreneurial successes in the country. For an individual to be wealthy, his/ her underlying assets and businesses have to do well. If these entrepreneurs do well, it brings wealth to the country. Whilst Hurun Rich List tracks these wealth creators and celebrates their success stories, the objective of Hurun India Wealth Report is to speak about the scale of wealth distribution.


About Hurun Report

Established in 1999 in the UK, Hurun Report promotes entrepreneurship through its lists and research.  Best-known for its rich list series, 500 most valuable companies series and unicorn series, Hurun last year hit 8 billion views on the Hurun brand, up 50% YoY.
Hurun Report Inc. has three key divisions: Hurun Research, Hurun Conferences, and Hurun Media.

About Hurun India

“Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Lists and Research” Founded by Anas Rahman Junaid, Hurun India commenced operations in 2012 and has been bringing to light stories of successful and emerging Indian entrepreneurs ever since felicitating them at a bouquet of Hurun events hosted Pan-India.
Hurun India serves as India’s definitive voice celebrating wealth creation, innovation, and growth. Last year, Hurun further expanded its repertoire by releasing the Hurun Global Rich List 2021, a ranking of the 3,228 US dollar billionaires, the so-called ‘Nine-Zero Club’, currently in the world, and the ninth India Rich List which ranks the 827 richest individuals in India, allowing for comparisons between some of the most dynamic economies in the world. The purpose of this
list is to try and tell the story of modern India through the eyes of an entrepreneur. For the full details, please refer to

The Hurun India Philanthropy List ranks the most generous individuals in India and is now on its 5 th anniversary. Indians give much more generously than many have previously understood.

The Hurun Real Estate Rich List ranks the top real estate developers in the country and is now on the 4 th anniversary.

In 2018, Hurun Report launched the Hurun India Women Rich List, aimed at celebrating the success stories of some of the most amazing women wealth creators and inheritors.

In 2019, Hurun India Art List was launched, aimed at tracking some of the most successful artists who are alive today by way of cumulative auction prices. This we believe is a watershed moment in the art history of India, where we expect more entrepreneurs to start collecting.

In 2019, Hurun Luxury Consumer Survey was debuted to understand and speak about the spending habits of ultra-high net worth individuals.

In 2020, Hurun India Unicorn Index was created to track and speak about the top young wealth creators of the country.


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