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Your Start Up Story

by Thomason Rajan


ISBN 9788193015216
Languages English
Pages 168
Cover Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Business, management, startup.

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You have plans to start a business venture because you know that you have the potential and you firmly believe that your ideas are great. You have the intelligence, energy and creativity to run a successful business.

It’s your life! No one can tell you that you will not succeed. There are chances of making initial losses in a business.  But that does not make one a failure, because there’s no learning without failing and those who steer through losses, achieve.

This book is your guide to starting a business. In this story, you will put yourself in the shoes of many businesses, get ideas on building the right foundations, learn about the challenges that you will face and enjoy the victories that you will claim while creating your enterprise.

The world has been waiting for someone like you. Let’s get started! There has never been a better time than now!


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