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Book on Retail Banking

Retail – The Lifestyle Banking

by Gautam Gan, Sreyashi Gan, Udayan Gan Chowdhury


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Book on Retail Banking in India

Retail banking in India has been going retail since CITI and Standard Chartered Bank made their foray into retail banking in this country, in 1986. Before this, retail banking was in existence in a general banking form. Spicer and Oppenheim, the UK based, renowned consultant group, had said in 1987 that, as far as Retail Banking is concerned, in India, “Sky is the limit.” Since then, this mega retail market in India has witnessed accelerated growth year-on-year and entry of a long line of intense competition with an array of new products, strategies and human skills.

Standing close to the end of another decade in the twenty-first century, we see retail banking in yet another avatar, where day-to-day banking transactions and guiding laws/ practices have taken the back seat. The main focus has shifted to strategies, channel management, variety of products, service quality, handling competition, Human Resource etc. In fact, Retail Banking in India is the most interesting subject in Banking Science at present, dealing with and driven by behavioural pattern of people, community by community, segment by segment. Its cornerstone is human psychology. While there are a number of books in the market on day to day banking operations and procedures, we hardly find any attempt to unfold a threadbare discussion on how mature is retail banking, after almost four decades of its growth in India. What is or should retail banking be or what we can expected from it? We hardly find any attempt to study human psychology in retail banking. The areas covered in this book on retail banking are:

A) Retail Banking in India
B) Technology in Retail Banking
C) Human Resource in Retail Banking

The book “Retail – The Lifestyle Banking” is a sincere effort not only to explore the spirit of this business vertical in India but also to assess how human life and retail banking are married together by the touch of time. At the end of it, retail banking revolves around the expectations of individuals and the delivery of those expectations.

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About the Author

Gautam Gan, an eminent Retail banking personality in India, has travelled through ten banks, both Foreign and Private sector, picking up bits of experiences with related skills and success. This long banking experience of 35 years was added to his association with Micro-finance world for another 3 years touching the bottom most line of population and their world. During his journey through the financial sector the writer, with his keen interest in human psychology and humanity, nurtured Retail banking in the depth of his heart and blended his own life with this area of human science. The outcome was his first book “The Confessions of a Banker” published in 2016 with a ripple in the related market. An MA in English literature, Gautam Gan known to his huge friends and relatives as a poet too who already published “Ratnabali” and Nourelle” two books of poetic composition. The present book “Retail – The Lifestyle Banking” is the author’s sincere effort to present Retail Banking in a completely different perspective in this book on retail banking, far beyond the general notion of this business vertical which is essentially based on human psychology, human expectation, dream and also frustration.
Sreyashi Gan is the co-author of “Confessions of a Banker”. Daughter of Gautam Gan, this young lady is a Human Resource professional with a background in Psychology. On completion of her MSc in International Human Resource Management from United Kingdom, she is now working in the area of Learning and Development with Dale Carnegie. Her poem “Looking Back” was published by Greenspring Publishing, USA, in their collection of poetic works “Voices” where among 56 poets her composition was the only poem representing Asia. A strong passion for literature and psychology, Sreyashi has actively shouldered her contribution to the Human Resource part of the book.
Udayan Gan Chowdhury is the Gautam Gan’s son and has penned the IT aspect of this book. Udayan is an IT professional with academic background (MBA) in Finance and specialization in Banking. Currently a Senior Manager with Accenture Australia, Udayan has more than 10 years of experience implementing IT systems and consulting for the major banks in Australia across different banking domains playing the roles of Business Analyst, Business Architect, Project Manager and Program Manager. Udayan is recognized for his bringing thought leadership and innovation through business process re-engineering to global banking firms to improve their operations and customer experience.


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