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Midnight Wolves

by Zhanna Sanjosovna Morozova


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ISBN 9789395217736
Languages English
Pages 28
Cover Hardcover
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An Illustrated Story Book for Children


This story book is about the friendship of three school girls and their unforgettable journey into the world of mythical creatures, where they face danger, become more courageous, and build a strong bond with nature. Wait and see what happens when the moonlight hits the sky, and the girls are about to reveal the deepest secret of their true nature… it is the best thing that ever happened to them, and their journey starts from here…

About the Author 
Zhanna Sanjosovna Morozova is 11 years old and has authored the Midnight Wolves. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Her mom is Russian, and her dad is Indian.  She has a little sister who she absolutely loves. Her biggest passion is writing stories! In the evenings, when she goes to bed and closes her eyes, her mind
takes her to a new world full of mystery, fascinating mythical creatures and beautiful nature. So, when morning comes, she is ready to take a pen and start writing new, unique stories. She hopes you will enjoy it as much as she does. “She dedicates this book to my beloved family, who always encouraged her interest in becoming a writer and went out of their way to allow her to pursue her goals.”

Zhanna is studying in 6th year, she has received school awards and was a member of the “Mini Vincent de Paul Society” to help the needy. Her hobbies are paintings and drawing cartoon figures.

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