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Between Silence And Voice

by Dr. Sumithra Devi S


ISBN 978-93-90011-07-0
Languages English
Pages 136
Cover Paperback


Poetry Book in English

Sumithra Devi Sandhya is an Assistant Professor in English at TKM College of Arts and Science, Kollam. Having secured a PhD from Kerala University in 2009, she has devoted her time to teaching. Her passion for poetry has culminated in her maiden anthology of poems, “Between Silence and Voice”, which is a selection of her poetic creations over the last two years.
The range and depth of her poems, whether interpretations of mythological characters, love poetry or prose poetry, bear the impact of her rich imagination, fine imagery and charming diction. Mythological heroines like Ganga, Thataka, Kannaki and others come to life in her poems, and various shades of human emotions find utterance in them. According to her, the resonance of “Asabdh” in percussion, the moment between the beats, has a profound impact on the soul. The same could be experienced in poetry too, as the space between silence and voice is replete with meaning.

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