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Coffee table book

Stolen Portraits

by Lasse Bredsten

ISBN 978-93-87456-29-7
Languages English
Pages 130
Cover Hardcover


The portraits are of people I’ve passed on the streets in Delhi and other places. I did not ask for permission, just for forgiveness, as I wanted to preserve whatever authenticity the moment offered. Some people acted surprised,while others were so determined and caught up in their own mind that they barely noticed me. Most people thanked me for our brief encounter, while I also expressed my appreciation. Everyone had a purpose at the moment. They were on their way to mind some business or caught up by some action. We can only guess what was going on in their mind at that particular moment.
The portraits in the book are made with the deepest respect, love and compassion for everyone depicted. The
portraits serve to remind that underneath the masses of people on the streets are people who have an individual personality and are living their individual everyday life with the joys, sorrows, challenges and opportunities any given day offers. It reminds me not to fall for the brain’s preconceived and oversimplified ideas, and never to let go of the curiosity to meet the person underneath. Everyone has their own character and everyone is living their daily life on a course to make the best of it. Just like me, you and everybody else.

About The Author

Lasse Bredsten has worked with global brands on diverse subjects from software engineering, to digital marketing and strategy. A passion for the visual and photography has always followed him. Photo assignments have come by word-of-mouth starting with portraits, events, and product photography.
Interest in people and situations are demonstrated by the street photograhy shots of places in India, primarily in New Delhi. He has trained in Creative Photography at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) 2015-16.


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