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Magic and Magicians of Niche Gardening

by Rasham Ratna

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ISBN 978939521477
Languages English
Pages 100
Cover Hardcover
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The only purpose behind this gardening book is to record diverse styles of gardening and the stories of the star gardeners who have created a niche for their
respective art and style over the years with unrelenting effort. This is a reference gardening books for now and future use. The beautiful work being carried out in the gardening space is recorded. One hopes it serves as a legacy for the upcoming gardeners to learn and practice gardening techniques, home gardening and emulate the passion and dedication of these gardeners from our soil and souls.

  1. All-In-One Garden
  2. Flowers All The Way

3. The Royal Roses
4. Pots to Plates,
Health And Happiness
5. The Culinary Delight of Herbs And Microgreens
6. Orchids: Exotic and Beautiful Blooms
7. Of Flesh And Thorns: Succulents And Cacti
8. Bulbs: Ugly Ducklings, Blooming Beauties
9. Rock Gardens Rock
10. Majestic Bonsais
11. Mesmerizing Penjings
12. Terrariums: Wonders in Bottles
13. Kokedama: Swaying and Saddling Without Pots
14. Cool and Calm: Water Gardens in Containers
15. Soothing Rhythms: Water Gardens of Every Size
16. The Fluttering Colours of Butterfly Gardens
17. Wander Around: Foraging Gardens
18. Fascinating Fairy Gardens
19. Stylish Gardens
20. Zoo Garden
21. A Garden of Your Own


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