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by Eesha Divi and Avanisha Adhikary


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ISBN 978-93-85020-87-2
Languages English
Pages 125
Cover Paperback
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“A young American girl, moves to Lithuania. Little does she know that the house they moved into is haunted. She finds herself surrounded by unusually weird people and her school life turning topsy turvy.

She is convinced that things cannot get any worse till she finds that murderers are on the loose and that they are after her!

About the Authors

Eesha Divi is a 13 yr old who was born in India and brought up in Australia. Her hobbies are unusually exciting and different (the ones she is going to do when she grows up). She likes to play sports, read books, write books and try new things. Her goal is to be a space doctor. And yes there is such a thing.

Avanisha Adhikari is a 13 year old girl who was born and brought up in Australia. Her hobbies include writing stories, drawing, reading and writing books. Her goal is to be a functional human being( that is a professional way of saying that she doesn’t know yet)

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