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By God, What a Life !

by Meghraj Singh Solanki


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ISBN 9789385020513
Languages English
Pages 206
Cover Paperback
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By God, What a Life! Is a page turner with large dollops of humour.  A painful childhood, flight from home, escape from college, a foray as a domestic, fortuitous sexual encounters, ten tumultuous years at sea… Meghraj Ghayal alias Shekhar Sudhra takes us through a roller coaster journey of a sailor’s life in this light-hearted, funny, satirical and daringly candid rendition.
Warning: This book is for all bold, adventurous souls, not for the faint-hearted !


About the Author

The author is an ex-Naval Officer, who has led a successful, colourful, happy and adventurous life. He infuses the book with little known facts about life in the navy humour, plenty of adventure and thrill, to make By God What a Life, a page turner.

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