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I Never Said Bye

by Himanshu Raghuvanshi


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ISBN 9789381239292
Languages English
Pages 184
Cover Paperback
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Fiction, romance, college life, young adult

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I Never Said Bye

Ikshit is a small-town boy, with typical small-town flavors: a penchant for comics, WWE cards and watching the sunset after hours of play. With no specific ambitions, his dreams and aspirations are no bigger than the town he lives in. He cherishes his school life, his crush, and his cricket. After school, he encounters the three lifeline of Indian youth: Love, career and family. He meets Ashmita, the most compatible girl he could ever meet. Things were going great till he discovers his aim and dives into it with all the passion he can muster . But soon he realizes that his life is being controlled more by variables than by him. Just then love starts to betray him, a career which once seemed glittering, fails him and his family no longer seems the same as it did when he was 10. Nothing seems to be going right.

Can Ikshit, a small town boy, ever put his life together again? Pick up the threads and move on?

Can he handle the four letter word LOVE?

How does he land in Germany? Who is Mudsy? What role does he play? Can Ashmita hold on to him?

Travel with Ikshit in I Never said Bye, truly an unforgettable journey.


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