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The Intruder: A Nocturnal Interlude

The Intruder: A Nocturnal Interlude

by Mohan Gopinath


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ISBN 9789385020001
Languages English
Pages 197
Cover Paperback
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The Intruder – a Nocturnal Interlude, the novel, is part myth and part fiction and moves across boundaries of time. The story explores a mundane sequence of events that can precede any event of great consequence. It also explores moral and ethical dilemmas which can arise out of well- intentioned actions. It deals with the inherent tensions between an average person who spends his or her life amidst routine surroundings with a capacity to suddenly shed the outer persona and change into a character with enormous powers not seen in ordinary human beings. When is this going to happen? How will people react to the change? And most importantly why does the character mask his/her powers? This story is about the courage ordinary people show in extra ordinary situations.

About The Author:
Dr. Mohan Gopinath lives in Bangalore and is a Professor of Organizational Leadership and Strategy with the Alliance School of Business, Alliance University. He holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from St. Stephen’s College. He is the author of two books, ‘The Intruder – a Nocturnal Interlude’ and ‘Business Drama: How Shakespearean Insights Help Leaders Manage Volatile Contexts’, the latter co-authored with Debashish Sengupta and Ray Titus. Passionate about Kathakali, Mohan has written and published research papers exploring the dance form. He has spent the major part of his career as a banker with HSBC, working at locations around the globe. He is a keen tennis player and lover of nature.

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