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Life & The Grey Notes

by Mayank S. Sengar


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ISBN 9789385020537
Languages English
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
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The collection of short stories in English, Life and the Grey Notes, brings home the simple truths of human nature, the essential human ingredients. The author has you reflecting, smiling, as you relate intimately to the characters and situations that people these stories.

 From the inescapable dilemma of a tea stall owner caught in the mesh of societal hypocrisy, to the inherent tendency to presume and judge that lurks within each one of us, the cherished place we accord to individual faith and the element of divinity, the intricately entwined threads of emotion in the Indian ethos can all be derived from this collection of experiences in the form of a book. The turning point in some stories where the protagonist emerges as a hero or confronts his own inevitable human frailties will warm many a heart, cutting across reader demographics such as age, geography and language. Suitable read right from a teenager to a young adult to an adult.

 Heartwarming, thought-provoking, explores human relationships and human psychology yet light and humorous, this short stories collection makes for an ideal quick read with your leisurely cuppa chai..


About the Author

Mayank Sengar hails from a family of culturalists based in the holy city of Varanasi. He is blessed with a keen eye for detail and a fine sense of appreciation for life’s varied experiences in equal measure, glimpses of which can be found in his work. He has a talent for being able to connect easily with people from varied spheres of life, and this reflects beautifully in the way the characters in his stories are very real, very compelling, irrespective of which strata of society they belong to.

Mayank currently lives in Gurgaon with his wife and two lovely kids.

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