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The Final Stand

by Sreeraj Mannattil


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ISBN 978-93-85020-78-0
Languages English
Pages 100
Cover Paperback
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The Final Stand starts with the mysterious murder of a seemingly innocuous character. It leads into a whorl of international crime cunningly interlaced with the science of how the world came into being and Indian mythology that keeps the reader gripped to the end. The author has woven the three themes seamlessly to give the reader a great experience.


About the Author

Sreeraj was born and bought up in a land covered by paddy fields and blue water ponds located in the southern part of India. After completing his graduation in Civil Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra, he got an opportunity to travel and stay across India to execute various Industrial projects and to interact with people belonging to various cultures. In the midst of a train journey, through the arid and colorful regions of ‘Rajasthan’

He is ‘A simple soul with a complicated mind’.

His other interest includes constructing factories, travelling and playing football in the rain.
At present he is working as a ‘senior manager’ in a reputed liquor company.