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Foreboding of females

Foreboding of Females

by Manisha Dagar Ph D & Krishna Nath Pandey Ph D


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ISBN 9789393029232
Languages English
Pages 268
Cover Paperback
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Chapters in the book

Introduction 1
Chapter 2: Narrating the Self in Women Writings
Chapter 3: Kamala Das: Autobiographical Vs Fiction
Chapter 4: Preeti Shenoy: A Contemporary Voice
Chapter 5: Foregrounding Relationships: A complete eclipse of heart by Kamala Das and Preeti Shenoy

Chapter 6: Kamala Das and Preeti Shenoy: A Comparison of their Writings
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Excerpts from Interview of Preeti Shenoy by Manisha Dagar

About the Authors

Manisha Dagar

She a dynamic and creative person with a deep interest in science and culture both alike. Born in 1985, she completed her education from Haryana. Besides Master in English she also completed MBA with a major in International Business and Marketing. Her first stint was in the corporate world was as an Assistant Manager. Manisha possesses wide experience of working as a freelance educator in the tertiary education sector across the State of Haryana in India. However, her final calling is instilled in the world of language and literature. She is a versatile person with interests in photography, event management, fabric painting, designing and cooking. A person with strong communication skills, writing comes to her naturally. Her passion for creative writing continues unabated in whatever she chooses. She has participated in debates, exhibitions and extempore discussions in her days when she facilitated colloquiums and cultural clubs of every stratum. Confident and compassionate at heart, Manisha is an avid reader, traveller, story teller and motivational speaker. Experimental in her approach, Manisha has an innate inclination to capture the world in its unique practical sense. Her research work will ignite more minds to explore the genre of analysing the autobiographical anecdotes further and dive deep into the world of writings by Indian women in English literature.

One may reach her at:

KRISHNA NATH PANDEY is an author, educationist and a thinker. He is the founder President of World e University. In this book he had contributed at the level of concepts, articulations and encoding of the human feelings, frailty and frustrations. Of late, he has ventured into pondering over the societal aspects of the educational imprint in an individual life of a human being. In fact, like his last book i.e. Fragmented Cognition; he has given an insight to Manisha for looking at the ‘foreboding’ of Indian women as reflected in the works of Kamala Das and Preeti Shenoy. The other books written by him are as follows:

  1. Paradigms of Knowledge Management : With Systems Modelling Cases Studies – [Volume 60 in the Springer’s series of Studies in Systems ,Decision and Control (2016) ]
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4 . Bodacious Human Capital: The Tiara of Knowledge Management

5 . Dynamics of Investment: The Metropolitan Scenario

  1. Fragmented Cognition : The Scourge of Social Media

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