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Manu shastra

Mysteries of The Manu Code

by S. Kannan


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Is Manu Shastra a strict social code imposed forcefully on society or is it just a scripture that captures and documents normal human behavior in a wide variety of environmental conditions? Should it be seen as a set of authoritative directions or just as recommendations? Using modern terminology, can we say that Manu Shastra documents the social code that was perhaps prescribed as most appropriate to meet the objectives of the Mysteries of the Manu Code society of those times? Should it be considered sacrosanct and frozen for all times?

This book attempts to list many significant perspectives that can be used to evaluate a complex social model and presents the position taken by Manu Shastra.

About the Author

S. Kannan has been a passionate student of behavioral psychology for over four decades. Through logic, reason and rational analysis, he has been a witness to the relentless pursuit of wealth, materials and domination that has been
directing the course of this world and directing the social, economic and political campaigns all over. He finds that every campaign has a valid point and good value within a particular context but is being stretched to make it the centre of a global fix for all our problems. He prefers to be rational and uses logic and reason to explain every behavioral response. He finds that the colonial masters seem to have sustained their domination through the extended arms of education, religion and
economics. India has not woken up to this masterstroke of the west and continues to stay as a fractured society. The principal strategy has been to run down India’s past and make Indians accept the superiority of the west. This has helped the west to dominate India as well as the societies of their former colonies. This domination of Indian society is being sustained through elite sections of Indians, who are unable to shake free of their superior-inferior complex.
He observes that this leaves a deep adverse impact on the current younger generation, making them vulnerable to emotions of guilt and anger that sows the seeds of suspicion and weakens their interpersonal relationship.

This book contains perhaps the first few ginger steps that may eventually free the world from the dominant clutches of…


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