Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in Hindi


by Dr. Alka Harsh


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Shrimadbhagvadgeet (Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in Hindi) is a repository of Lord Shri Krishna’s teachings in Sanskrit verses, of the path to be followed in our daily lives ,and “Shrimadbhagvadgeet” is a presentation in simple Hindi ( as spoken in Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh, India) , of the original Sanskrit text.

“Shrimadbhagvadgeet” (Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in Hindi)is a poetry presentation in simple Hindi.
Shrimadbhagvadgeet (Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in Hindi) means the Divine Song through which God’s thoughts and teachings have been presented for the guidance of mankind. This will help in attaining peace and salvation , and the ultimate goal of freedom from the cycle of birth , death and rebirth , and achieving oneness with God.
Many Dharm Gurus/ religious leaders have called the original Sanskrit text as an Upnishad or the source of higher learning. God/ Ishwar/Parmatma/ Par Bramha has been considered as the creator of this world and the universe . The ultimate aim of mankind is to achieve oneness with God, to achieve purity of mind and heart. Man is born again and again,to stay true to one’s duties and to follow the divine path. Only thereafter ,he achieves peace and freedom/release from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth called Moksha or Nirvana.


About the Author
Dr. (Smt.) Alka Harsh ( Km. Alka Agarwal ) is a post-graduate in Botany from Lucknow University , and later acquired Ph.D. while teaching at the Navyug Kanya P.G.Mahavidyalaya , Lucknow.

While pursuing research ,she developed an affinity for writing and has written stories , poems , children’s stories etc.. In 2012 , during a visit to the temple of the holy Jyotirling Kedarnath ji , she felt a divine premonition , through the presence of Lord Maha Kaal , of the tragic events following landslides and natural disasters etc. in that entire area resulting in great loss to life and property which took place in 2013.

Thereafter , for the first time , Dr. Alka Harsh read the Sunder Kand ( a part of Ramayana ) , and in the early hours of dawn the next day , she felt the presence of Lord Hanuman ji giving her blessings. Soon after , with divine blessings , she was inspired to study the “Ramayana ” and ” Shrimad Bhagvad Gita ” in depth. One of the results of her studies is the ” Shrimad Bhagvad Gita Prabha ” .

This book is the result of several years of research on Srimad Bhagvad Gita .


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