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Commentary on Manu Shashtra

Spot Light

by Kannan Sankaranarayanan

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ISBN 9789390640133
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‘Spot Light’ tries to draw your attention to the inconsistencies in the narrative and is a commentary on Manu Shastra. While the mere vastness of these works is a testimony to their wisdom and understanding of human aspirations, we wish to be dismissive of most of the contents as figments of imagination. There is an inherent contradiction in these positions.

Manu Shastra is a social code for appropriate behavior in society. It attempts to build a robust socio-economic model for a sustainable society. It fully factors in the natural tendency of human beings to exploit one another and provides several checks and balances. Accounting for the relative differences that are bound to exist in the intelligence and physical abilities of people, it attempts to set forth an agenda for continuous progress and development in conditions of peace and harmony.

The author has picked up the ever-controversial Manu Shastra to showcase the inconsistencies in our arguments, narratives and disposition to these ancient scriptures.

As part of this journey, he also explores the possibilities of discovering an entirely different spirit of growth and progress in the social structures prescribed in the Manu Shastra.

He uses a popular English translation to summarise the contents and offer a brief commentary on select portions to guide readers into building a new perspective about the ancient and the present world.

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