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Rescue Your Mom

by Pradeep Kumar Singha


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ISBN 978-93-86407-67-2
Languages English
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
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Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream, we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now!

Rescue Your Mom, makes a passionate plea for us to heed the desperate cry of nature, the earth, and the animals being sacrificed at the altar of our ambition. Mother Nature needs us. It’s time we stop taking and start giving. It’s time to Rescue our Mom.

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  1. mangal samad

    Great!!! Awesome book, Sir.

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